Are you sick and tired of stress, worry and social anxiety robbing you of living the extraordinary life you so richly deserve?

As a former Zen Monk, I have been able to infuse Eastern philosophical wisdom and techniques to help you master your mind within todays fast paced world


  • A calm and clear mind no matter what happens around you
  • A level of inner freedom that a monk or nun only dreams of
  • Self confidence that gives you the courage to face any adversity or relationship challenge
  • Amazing relationships founded on self expression, passion and deep connection
  • Turning the saying “Go Big or Go Home’ into a reality
  • Finally putting social anxiety to rest!

If you are truly fed up and serious about raising the bar in both your inner and outer life, then…

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  • I will help you see exactly what has been holding you back
  • I will share with you a fast track formula for mastering your mind
  • I will provide you the most important technique I learned as a monk
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